Tom Endy’s Tech Articles

Santa Anita A’s Member, Tom Endy; Editor of the Victoria Association Newsletter (The Bustle) for the past 20 years, has created the 20+ years of the work below.  Some of these articles and documents have been featured in the MAFCA Restorer Magazine, other club’s websites, and some are not published anywhere but here!  Enjoy, utilize, and learn!


Flathead Brake Floaters

Flathead’s Floaters Followup

Hydraulic Brakes


A1190 Dust Seal


Back Flush!



Pinion Gear Removal!

Early Ring and Pinion (Restorer Magazine Jul-Aug 2012) – COLOR

Early Ring and Pinion (Restorer Magazine Jul-Aug 2012)

Ring & Pinion Gear Sets Reproduction Blues!

Ring & Pinion Ratios

Model A Ford Carrier Bearing Preload Tool (Restorer Magazine; Mar-Apr 2003)

Differential (Rear End) Restoration – Revised 2014

Differential Rebuild Pictorial 2016

Rear Axle Assembly Rebuild Pictorial 2015




Model A Ford Ignition Diagnostic


Isolating an electrical fault: Quick and Easy!

Simplified Drawing of the Model A Electrical Circuit (6 Volts)

A Dead Battery!

To Kill A Battery!

The Ammeter

The Ammeter Function!

The Ammeter Structure

A Power Inverter! (Restorer Magazine Jan-Feb 2009)

Brake Light Switch!


Distributor – 6-7 A Hidden Repo Fault

Distributor Cracks (Restorer Magazine Jul-Aug 2013)

Distributor Roadside Seminar

Distributor Restoration Techniques

Distributor lower wire

Painting The Distributor


A Cracked Engine Block (Restorer Magazine Jul-Aug 2014)

Engine Rebuilding – The Number Eight Stud

The Compression Gauge!

Head Gaskets

Massive Oil Leak


The Cut-Out

Starter ring gear on the flywheel Problems

Engine Testing Stand

Model A Ford Engine Test Stand


Reproduction gas caps

Gas Filling and Reproduction Gas Caps Technical Tips


Zenith Passageway Cleaning (Restorer Magazine Sep-Oct 2011)

Zenith Carburetor Tip – Drain Boss Leak

The Zenith Carburetor Passageways

Model A Ford Zenith Carburetor Restoration Tips

Zenith Float Valves

The Zenith Side Bowl!



Rear Grease-fittings

The Model A Rear Spring

The Rear Spring – 2!



Steering Column Mount

Tie Rod Installation (Restorer Magazine Nov-Dec 2013)

The Grease Fittings For the rear wheel bearings

King Pin Geometry!

Rear Backing Plates

Tire Mounting!


Clutch Failure

The Multiple Disk Clutch (Restorer Magazine; Jul-Aug 2003)

The Clutch Release Shaft – Did They Get It Wrong?

A V8 Clutch!


Pressure Plate Adjustment

Baffled – Transmission Baffles

The Model A Ford Transmission: It Jumps Out of Gear!

Model A Ford Transmission Tower Restoration

Potential Transmission Leak

Rebuilding a Transmission – Henry’s Transmission Traps!

Model A Ford Transmission Assembly

Transmission Prudence

Transmission Tower: A Unique Seminar!


BELL HOUSING RESTORATION (Restorer Magazine Nov-Dec 2010)

Bell Housing Work Stand

Bell Housing work Stand Detailed

The Torque Tube!

Torque tube – removing the race

Torque Tube Race & Seal

The Borg Warner Overdrive (Restorer Magazine Mar-Apr 2005)

Borg Warner Manual

Care and Feeding of the Borg Warner overdrive

Borg Warner Repair

Mitchell Overdrive Installation (Restorer Magazine Mar-Apr 2012)

Mitchell Overdrive Installation Seminar Pictures

Reproduction U-joint


K. R. W. Service Station Equipment for Ford Dealers (Restorer Magazine May-Jun 2011)



The Budd-company

The Correct Speed!

Pedal Adjustment

Window Channeling!

CA DMV Form 9401 Weight Fees Exemption clause

Henry’s Anti-theft System

Victoria Hinge Pins

Global Positioning System (GPS) devices

Model A Ford 6-volt to 12-volt Power Conversion For Cell Phones & GPS

Seat Belts in a Model A Ford

A Temperature Gauge!

Turn Signals

Victoria Steering Column Support

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